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10 Pieces of Geek Merch that Qualify You For Being Stuffed in a Locker

Before you ask, Iam not the prep school antagonist of a 1980s teen comedy who gets taken down a peg by a gang of scrappy misfits. Iam an enormous nerdgoblin myself, and I, too, spent a good portion of my ... Read More

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Around the World in 10 Desserts

Thereas something about summertime that brings out the sweet tooth in all of us. From frothy milkshakes to towering pillars of ice cream, vacation season always has us reaching for the next delicacy. But we bet you havenat reached for ... Read More

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5 Delicious Desserts that Are Irresponsibly Easy to Make

Preheat the oven for huhhh? In a cold bowl whiskA the whuhhh? If reading baking instructions makes your eyes bleary and your palms sweaty never fear! We've got 10 dessert recipes that are as scrumptious as they are friendly to the ... Read More

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5 Desserts Sweetened With Betrayal

There are few sacred things left in this world. aPurple Rain,a Andre The Giantas toothy grin, Christian Baleas unhinged rant on the set of "Terminator: Salvation," and dessert a these are the terra firma we cling to in a world ... Read More

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6 Superheroes in Real Life

The primary draw of superheroes is their sense of unreality a we can live vicariously through their crazy powers and indulge our own escapism by imagining a world where Spider-Man can make a living selling his selfies to the Daily ... Read More

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10 Comic Book Villains That Should Win

How many times have we seen Superman foil the plans of job-creator Lex Luthor? Or watched as Batman made mince meat of Arkham Asylum's unfortunate wards? For once we'd like to see the ne'er-do-wells triumph over their goody two shoes ... Read More

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10 Ways to Hack the Costco Game

Costco is a place thatas equal parts magical and intimidating. Magical because you can buy ice cream, magazines, pizza and other life necessities in bulk, and intimidating because OMG PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, WHY DID I SPEND SO MUCH, THE PARKING LOT ... Read More

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The 10 Lamest Super Powers

Itas a bird! Itas a plane! Itas a| that one guy who can do that one really useless thing! Before you jump all over my anti-superhero stance, consider the evidence. The most popular, beloved superheroes are really only beloved for ... Read More

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You American't Miss These 10 Deals

We celebrate the freedom, independence and beauty of the United States every July 4th, usually by breaking out the grills, laying out on the grass and watching the fireworks, and generally taking it easy. We're pretty sure Lady ... Read More

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Red, White and Burritos: 10 Patriotic Foods that Arenat American

What could be more American than hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few cold brewskies on the Fourth of July? As it turns out a almost anything! Much like Alexander Hamilton, these 10 Independence Day staples originated outside the U. S. ... Read More

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This soft, flexible implant will relieve pain without the need for drugs

It can be remotely activated and the patient can then increase or decrease its intensity.

Logan Mwangi shown dancing with aevila stepbrother who killed him months later

Craig Mulligan, 14, was described as 'pure evil' by his former foster parents.

Young Ukrainians hold image of Putin in blood in front of bombed-out landscapes

It can now be viewed as an augmented reality image showing the streets of the country as they looked before they were bombed, with a bloody Putin looming over them.

Theresa May urges Boris Johnson to ban trans conversion therapy

'The matter must not be allowed to slide', said the former prime minister.

Canada Day 2022: When is it, what is it, why do people celebrate and what is Dominion Day?

Grab your cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

Supreme Court lets Joe Biden end Donald Trumpas aRemain in Mexicoa policy restricting immigration

The ruling is a victory for the Biden administration, which has faced setbacks in efforts to reverse Trump's hardline immigration policies.

Cruise ship hits iceberg athe size of a semi-trucka in Alaska

A passenger recorded chunks of the iceberg floating in the ocean after the impact.

Chilling footage shows moment Loganas amonstera stepbrother arrested for murder

He told police 'get the f**K out of my room'.

Fourteen-year-old tiger dies after catching Covid at Ohio zoo

Jupiter the Amur tiger died after contracting Covid-19 and developing pneumonia.

Trans Ukrainian man who wants to help fight isnat allowed because of his gender

His passport still registers him as a woman.

Manas body rotting afor weeksa found under sofa in New York City apartment

The body was found under a couch after a tenant called the landlord reporting a foul smell.

The hunt is on for the holder of a winning lottery ticket worth APS7,440,150

The National Lottery winner hasn't come forward to claim their fortune.

Russian state TV claims achubby Boris Johnson is jealous of Putinas good shapea

Putin propagandists have rounded in on Boris Johnson after he mocked the Russian leader's topless photos and 'toxic masculinity'.

Texas migrant deaths: Suspected driver and three others charged as death toll hits 53

Four men in total have been charged in connection to the deadly incident

Tory whip resigns aafter drunkenly groping two men at private cluba

Chris Pincher admitted he had 'drank far too much' after allegedly assaulting two men.

Brian Laundrieas parents to face jury for aknowing their son murdered Gabby Petito during search for hera

'When they spoke up, they made that very callous, very terrible statement, giving hope to Joe and Nichole that perhaps Gabby was still alive, with full knowledge that she was not alive'

The Queen continues her busy return to work a and sheas even cracking jokes

She had a few words to say about a gift presented to her at a ceremony today.

Arrest warrant in black boy Emmett Tillas lynching case found in court basement 67 years later

His relatives want them to serve the woman and arrest her

Hoarder let sister die on the floor after vowing not to admit her to hospital

Reclusive Philip Burdett promised her she would be cared for at home but he was 'utterly out of his depth'.

Four people dead in amigrant smuggling operationa car crash in Texas

'The driver suspected of human smuggling evaded law enforcement and crashed into a commercial vehicle,' authorities said.

Dad of Logan Mwangi says murdered son, 5, visits him in arecurring nightmaresa

'I have accepted that this is my life now.'

Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn into Supreme Court as Justice Breyer officially retires

She is the first black woman to serve on the high court

Ukraine: Why is Snake Island called Snake Island?

Russian forces have withdrawn from the island.

In the 60s an underground organisation in Chicago helped women access abortions a will the Roe v Wade ruling spark its return?

The Jane Collective was a group of women in 1960s Chicago who helped women access abortions - and even performed procedures themselves.

Mum of boy, 10, mauled to death by dog named aBeasta condemns ownersa sentences

'No sentence will ever be enough. But I do definitely think more could have been done.'

Royal Navy officer akicks out family of nine Ukrainian refugeesa who fled war for UK

'After the horror of war, it is unbearable to be in a state of insecurity and fear that we can be evicted at any moment if someone changes their mind.'

Unmasked: Logan Mwangias apure evila teen killer who moved in days before his death

Craig Mulligan has been described as a 'monster' who made repeated threats to kill his five-year-old stepbrother and gleefully chanted about his love of harming young children.

BT workers will go on strike for the first time in 35 years

It comes as workers across the country demand better pay to ease the cost of living crisis.

Parole hearings to be held in public to aremove the secrecy of the processa

The Parole Board will have the final say on whether a hearing should be public.

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Russian missiles strike residential building in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa, killing at least 18 people: officials

The strike killed 18 people, including two children, and injured at least 30 more, Ukrainian officials said.

I tried the menu at the rebranded McDonald's in Russia. The first bite of my cheeseburger wasn't as exciting as it used to be – and the fries seemed sadder.

"Tasty and that's it" in Moscow seems familiar – but the cheeseburger is less exciting, the sundae disappoints and the packaging lacks pizzazz.

Russian gas giant Gazprom's shares slumped 30% after it nixed dividends for the first time since 1998

Gazprom's board had earlier recommended a record dividend payout after the company reported record profits for 2021.

Documentary filmmaker who had access to Trump and his kids compared their dynamics to the family on HBO's 'Succession'

Alex Holder said Trump and his kids Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump have interactions with each other that are like "a real-life succession drama."

North Korea says 'alien things' near the South Korean border are to blame for its 1st COVID-19 outbreak

Residents have been warned to "vigilantly deal with alien things coming by wind and other climate phenomena and balloons" along the borders.

Delta offered $10,000 to each passenger who volunteered to be bumped from an oversold flight out of Michigan, reports say

Delta's offer came amid a messy summer travel season with flight delays and chaos across the industry as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Truck driver arrested over the Texas migrant smuggling incident that left 53 dead was high on meth: reports

Rep. Henry Cuellar said he was informed by the Customs and Border Protection that the man had meth in his system when arrested.

Unemployment among China's Gen Z has hit a record high — and it's only expected to get worse

The country's entry-level job market is bleaker than it was during the 2008 global financial crisis, and graduates are worried about job prospects.

New Zealand classifies Proud Boys and The Base as terrorist organizations

New Zealand has become more sensitive to threats from the far right after a white supremacist killed 51 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch in 2019.

A former Secret Service agent said he, too, would have defied Trump's request to be taken to the Capitol on January 6

Former agent Jonathan Wackrow wrote that presidents aren't allowed to dictate their own protection, stating: "It's not a "Choose Your Own Adventure.'"

Texas educators' group suggests slavery be taught as 'involuntary relocation' to 2nd graders

The group proposed that students compare "journeys to America," including the "involuntary relocation of African people during colonial times."

Jan. 6 live updates: Pat Toomey says Trump's chances of winning the GOP's 2024 presidential nomination are 'much more tenuous' after the January 6 hearings

The House select committee is investigating the Capitol riot and the role Donald Trump and his allies played in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

Mississippi lawmaker asked about a hypothetical 12-year-old child molested by a family member says they should have to carry that pregnancy to term

Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban that led to Roe v. Wade's reversal does not include an exception for incest.

Live updates: Judges in 5 states have temporarily blocked state laws that would restrict or ban abortions

The Supreme Court has overturned the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that granted a nationwide, constitutional right to an abortion.

Satellite images taken after Ukraine regained control of Snake Island showed destruction left behind by Russian troops

Russia said its troops had left the island as a "gesture of goodwill." Ukraine said their missile campaign drove them out.

Mifepristone in Moldova: Women on Waves founder wants to use the abortion pill as contraception in the wake of Roe v. Wade reversal

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts wants to make the abortion pill accessible to every person who can become pregnant — but not as an abortion inducer.

37 countries have expanded abortion access since 2000. By overturning Roe v. Wade, the US is going backward, activist said

Rebecca Gomperts, an abortion-rights activist, said the US is now a global outlier after overturning Roe v. Wade.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas repeated misleading claims that COVID-19 vaccines were made using cells of 'aborted children'

Fetal cell lines, grown through cells extracted from two elective abortions performed decades ago, have been crucial to modern medicine.

Artsy CMO, Everette Taylor, tells Insider that the online art marketplace is more inclusive, and lucrative

Everette Taylor, chief marketing officer of Artsy, talks about how art buyers have embraced digital disruption

With a new carrier and rumors of more bases, a vision of China's global presence is getting clearer

Beijing is increasingly looking for facilities to support an overseas presence, and the US is worried about how China will use its growing influence.

As Sweden's and Finland's NATO bids move forward, the alliance is already eyeing their fighter jets

Sweden and Finland will bring "quite a bit of capability and capacity to the alliance from Day One," the US's top general in Europe said this spring.

The Oath Keepers will tell a jury they really believed Donald Trump would turn them into his own, personal militia on Jan. 6

Elmer Stewart Rhodes will tell a DC jury he had a perfectly non-seditious reason to be at the Capitol: He thought Trump would federalize the Oath Keepers.

WOW Presents Plus lets you stream tons of international 'Drag Race' shows and spinoffs — here's how to sign up

WOW Presents Plus is the streaming home of "Drag Race" series from around the world. The service offers a lot value to fans for $5 a month.

15 of the most popular items from last year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale that you can shop again this July

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening soon. We're looking back at the bestsellers from last year so you can know what to expect this year.

Conservative MPs call for Chris Pincher to lose the whip, resign as MP, following latest groping allegations

Chris Pincher resigned as deputy chief whip amid allegations he groped two individuals at a private members' club on Wednesday night.

A Trump-appointed official who gets an important vote on whether Trump broke election laws spoke at a Texas GOP event where he was billed as a part of the 'Trump Elections Team'

Legal experts are concerned about a GOP event in Texas that billed FEC Commissioner Trey Trainor as a key Trump ally. He says he did nothing wrong.

Mitch McConnell says he'll kill the bipartisan China bill if Democrats revive their agenda with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema

Democrats have been trying to woo Sen. Joe Manchin back to the table for months while also seeking to pass a major bipartisan piece of Biden's agenda.

GOP. Rep Adam Kinzinger says Cassidy Hutchinson is a 'hero' and has 'more courage than most' Republicans after January 6 testimony

"Cassidy Hutchinson is a hero and a real patriot (not a faux 'patriot' that hates America so much they would attempt a coup.)," Kinzinger tweeted.

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